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Chief Marketing Officer

New York, New York


The Brief

Our Client, a global online video platform with a massive user base of over 500 million active users daily, was looking for a Chief Marketing Officer to spearhead their marketing efforts in the United States. 

The Approach

Our Clients desire was to have a candidate that was an expert in online integrated marketing, and business development. They needed this individual to have extensive knowledge and experience in online video platforms, and must be local to New York, New York. We focused our attention on large online institutions, that had large video and picture platforms, global marketing firms with a significant presence in online media, in addition we also searched the local leaders in online media outlets. 

The Result

The Candidate was the Chief Marketing Officer for one of the largest global marketing firms. He had over 17+ years of experience in online media. Since his arrival the active users went from 50 million daily active users, to now over 500 million daily active users. In addition, under his tenure the company was able to increase advertisers  by 2000%. 

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