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Our consumer team helps those

who create our world.  

What we do

Our world runs on consumer products. The consumer industry has faced unprecedented challenges, that has required them to shift course to maintain success. The rise in digital consumer products has redefined the marketplace and provided new opportunities. Since 2009 we have had the distinct honor to partner with some of the most well-respected consumer organizations in the world.

We partner with you on your journey for your new consumer leader. From the sports industry to the entertainment industry to retail we understand the diversity of the consumer industry. We mix modern technology with proven executive search to bring unparalleled results.

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Our Services

Our consumer team aligns with your organization to help you identify, recruit, develop, and retain the best leaders in the industry.

To meet the challenges of a constant changing consumer industry you need to have the right leader. We partner with you to assess the needs of your organization and find the leader that matches your exact needs.

We identify the talent you have now versus what you will need in the future, and provide you the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

Assessment and Succession

We bring together the right Board Members with the right CEO.

Board & CEO Services

Identify, attract, and retain the right leaders for your organization. We do this by leveraging our experience and knowledge in each market sector.

Talent Acquisition

Open up your company for greatness. We work with everyone at your organization; from executives to new hires, and we help them identify their greatness.

Management Consulting

What we do in the consumer industry

Our consumer team develops talent acquisition strategies for our consumer clients. We bring organizational and executive consumer consulting experience to your team.

Consumer Products

We assist our consumer products clients with unlocking the potential of the right leader.

Sports & Athletics

The sports team combines experience and knowledge to provide a service specific to the ever changing sports industry.

Entertainment & Media

Our E&M experts walk you through the best ways to identify, recruit, and retain the right leader for your organization.

Travel & Hospitality

We align with our hospitality clients and bring in-depth executive search experience. We assist them with new strategies to acquire and retain the leadership they need.

Online Media

Our online media consultants bring over 15+ years of experience in online media executive search.

Find Your New Leader Now

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