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Finance & Accounting

Our finance & accounting team helps those who keep the world's economy moving.  

What we do

The world's economy is based off the careful management and consideration of the financial industry.  We cannot leave the world's economy to chance. We need sound and direct leadership to ensure the growth and sustainability of our financial markets. With the challenges that face the the finance and accounting industry, you need to be able to partner with an executive search firm that has worked with some of the most well-respected institutions in the world.

We partner with you on your journey for your new finance and accounting leader. From private equity firms, to public accounting firms, to banking institutions, we understand the diversity of the finance industry. We mix modern technology with proven executive search to bring unparalleled results.

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Our Services

Our finance team aligns with your organization to help you identify, recruit, develop, and retain the best leaders in the industry.

To meet the challenges of a constant changing financial industry you need to have the right leader. We partner with you to assess the needs of your organization and find the leader that matches your exact needs.

We identify the talent you have now versus what you will need in the future, and provide you the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

Assessment and Succession

We bring together the right Board Members with the right CEO.

Board & CEO Services

Identify, attract, and retain the right leaders for your organization. We do this by leveraging our experience and knowledge in each market sector.

Talent Acquisition

Open up your company for greatness. We work with everyone at your organization; from executives to new hires, and we help them identify their greatness.

Management Consulting

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Leadership in public accounting is of the utmost importance

Our accounting team aligns with your firm to identify the 'spot gaps' where sound leadership could assist you. 

We will work with your firm to identify, recruit, and retain the right leadership. While fostering an environment that is inclusive, rewarding, and motivating.

What do we do in the finance industry?


Banks ensure that the world's economy stays strong and prosperous. To lead that front, you need to partner with a firm that only provides sound leadership.

We partner with our banking clients to ensure that they attract the right leadership to lead their team. 

From traditional banking institutions and credit unions to the mortgage industry, we have been assisting the banking industry since 2009.

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Hedge Funds & Private Equity

The future is built on the investments of today!

Our Hedge Fund and Private Equity team has been working with specialized Hedge Funds and Private Equity firms throughout the world. We provide the right leaders and partners to grow and invest in their organization.

Specialized Services

Across all industries we can assist you with additional specialized services


Chief Financial Officer

We provide a customized process for your next

Chief Financial Officer 

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Day Trading

We align with the world's greatest financial institutions and support them in finding the right, ethical leaders needed

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