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Chief Executive Officer

Seattle, Washington


The Brief

Our Client is a leading healthcare facility in the Seattle Area. They were in need of a Chief Executive Officer to oversee all operations at their trauma leading healthcare facility.

The Approach

Our Clients desire was to have a candidate that was an expert in healthcare facility management. They needed this individual to have extensive knowledge and experience in level 2 trauma centers. We focused our attention nationally, we were looking for leading level 1 and level 2 trauma professionals. The search process changed as we began providing candidates; our Client pivoted to only wanting candidates that were from the west coast. We were able to pivot with their request and provide candidates that were from areas up and down the west coast.

The Result

The Candidate was a Chief Operating Officer for one of the most well respected trauma centers in the State of California. He had over 15+ years of experience in leading at the executive level at a level 2 trauma center. We were able to negotiate an offer with our Client that ensured success in the relocation process for the candidate. In addition to providing the much needed executive guidance the center needed, he was able to lower attrition to levels never seen at their facility, and increase patient satisfaction to record levels. 

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