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Ghost Jobs?

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Are Ghost Jobs something to be afraid of?

Ghost Jobs are not a new thing, and they are definitely not something to be afraid of, but, they are something that you should be aware of, so you don't waste your time! 


Contrary to what we hear in the news, it is still a red hot job market. Top talent is in high demand, and companies want to have a backlog of good candidates. How do you get a good backlog? Ghost Job postings! So what is a Ghost Job posting?

Ghost Jobs are jobs that are posted on sites that never get filled. They are often positions that are typically in high demand in a specific industry and an employer wants to have as many candidates as possible available when needed. You may notice that you applied for a position 6-months ago and the posting is still up. That is a Ghost Job, it is a job that the employer wants to get candidates for, but, not necessarily ready to move forward with. That said, you may get hired off of a Ghost Job posting, and then notice that the ad is still active. Typically, that is not a negative on your performance, it just means your employer is expecting to hire more individuals in your same capacity, and they want to build a backlog of candidates. 

"Should I apply to a Ghost Job ad?"

If you see the same posting month-after-month, the chances of that not being a Ghost Job are pretty slim. So, if you apply to that position, just know you may never hear anything back on it. 

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