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Frederick Andrews, empowers organizations, candidates, and leaders to reach their fullest potential. We are executive management consulting!

"We Enhance Organizations
And The People Who Are In Them"

We will assist your organization in strategic

executive level human capital growth.

Our focus is to develop long-term relationships with our clients.

Which is why, over 90% of our clients are repeat clients.

Discover True Leadership

Trusted by the world's most well-respected organizations, we will bring a new brand of business leadership to your organization. With all of the changes coming into the market, you need to partner with an organization that assists you in finding the right type of leadership to navigate you into the future.

Find your next great executive now.

How We Help Your Organization

Executive search is more than just recruiting. When you allow us to assist you on your search for a new leader, we put our resources to full use, to ensure your organization thrives and grows. 

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We Help Close The
Future Gap

Organizations are often forced to make daily hiring decisions based off of the ever changing market. Many times these decisions are made without the full understanding of the repercussions these decisions may have in the future, and what they need to do to succeed.

We assist our clients in this process, we help them discover how the decisions they make today, will impact where they head in the future.

Our Services

We identify the talent you have now versus what you will need in the future, and provide you the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

Identify, attract, and retain the right leaders for your organization.

We do this by leveraging our experience and knowledge in each market sector.

We bring together the right Board Members with the right CEO.


Open up your company for greatness. We work with everyone at your organization; from executives to new hires, and we help them identify their greatness.

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