Our Story


Frederick Andrews Was Born From The Concept That Recruiting Should Be Easy

We cut our teeth in full traditional executive search back in 2009. Then in 2012, we disrupted the recruiting industry...


What is

Traditional Executive Search?

Traditional Executive Search is retained recruitment and management consulting at the executive level. It is traditionally exclusive to the Vice President and above levels. On occasion, Director levels are included in this type of search.


What is

Senior Manager Search?

Traditionally Senior Manager Search is offered by contingent recruiters. Unfortunately, this method doesn't always provide the best results for the employer or the candidate. We developed a system that guarantees success. It is traditionally at the Director Level and below.

What is the

Joint Partnering Plan?

When you need more than one employee (at any level); you need the Joint Partnering Plan. It allows you to group searches into one payment and it allows you to work multiple searches at the same time, at a discounted rate.